Checking In

A lot has changed in my work life since the last time I was on this blog!

During my “blogging break,” I was RIF’ed from my school district due to budget cuts. I was disappointed since I was already looking forward to new things I was going to implement in the next school year, but, in the long run, I think the change came for the better. I found a new position closer to my family (always a plus) in a school that I think will be a better fit for me as a teacher. It is hard to put into words how I know this, it is one of those “gut instincts,” but I think something that happend this morning really drove it home.

I am working in a private, Catholic high school, one not all that different than ones I went to as a student. Morning announcements are similar to that of any other school I have been in; Pledge of Allegiance, lists of activities that day, etc – with the addition of a short scripture reflection and prayer. At the end of all the announcements today, the teacher leading it closed with, “Have a good weekend everyone, and, remember – your teachers love you”.

Now, I have been amazed for a while now how much I end up caring for my students by the end of each school year. I don’t think it is a secret amongst those in the education field how important our students are to us – just look at any of the school disasters that have happened over the past few years. In all instances, teachers have put themselves in danger in hopes of protecting their class. While this knowledge seems to be unspoken amongst teachers, I do not think many others realize it. Which is why I think it is important to communicate it on a regular basis, especially to our students. Hearing the announcements today drove that home for me – this school makes a practice of regularly telling its students – “Hey – we care about you – we love you and want what’s best for you.” It creates an atmosphere of caring and support – as if we are one extended family.

I love it. It is something I did not even realize I was missing in my past schools, and that I am embracing now. I really enjoy teaching because, just when you think you know it all and have it all figured out, something new comes up. I am looking forward to what other lessons this place can teach me.