Recommended Sites/Apps

Listed below is a sampling of the websites and iPad/iPod apps that I used in my classroom on a regular basis.  Please click the links to be taken to the site or to download the app.


  • BrainPop!
    • a collection of short educational videos, paired with quizzes and activities designed to boost reading comprehension.  One free video is
      available each day, with hundreds available on demand with a paid subscription.  Videos cover all topics, with unique and challenging educational games also available.
  • ClassDojo
    • an excellent classroom behavior management tool in which a teacher can award positive points for good  behavior and negative points for unwanted behavior.  Points are tracked using using a “point board” and parents can register to have a weekly behavior report sent to them of their student’s behavior each Friday.  The website provides a free teacher “remote” app to be used in conjunction with the website allowing teachers to manage points wirelessly.
  • Edmodo
    • a school-oriented site, structured similar to a social networking site.  Students can connect with their teachers and their peers in their class, can turn in and receive feedback on assignments, share content with their class, and take assessments.
  • Flocabulary
    • an “online learning platform” of educational videos for grades K-12, cover all subjects.  A majority of the videos are hip-hop songs which deliver educational messages, paired with activities and lesson plans.  Hundreds of resources, from basic math to Shakespeare, are available with a paid subscription.
  • Free Technology for Teachers
    • a collection of free, online resources (both websites and Apple/Android apps) for K-12 educators.  The resources are reviewed, tested, and given detailed explanations, making this website a must for all tech-saavy educators.
  • GoogleApps for Education
    • a powerful suite of Web 2.0 tools that allow for students to do nearly all computer work “in the cloud”
    • Contains Gmail, GoogleDocs, and GoogleSites
  • Kaywa QR Gode Generator
    • allows users to create free QR codes, leading to a specified URL, text block, phone number, SMS, or set of contact info.
  • Sketchlot
    • a unique Web 2.0 tool which turns any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) into an interactive whiteboard.  Whiteboards can be created by the teachers or students and can easily be shared amongst the class.
  • Teacher’s Domain
    • a collection of videos, audio clips, photographs, and other resources, geared towards continuing education, for both students and teachers.  Resources from Nova, The American Experience, and other excellent sites are available as part of the subscription.  Subscription is free.
  • Twitter
    • While popular for social networking, the site also allows for direct communication with thousands of educators, producers of educational content, and ideas for lessons and activities.

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