Become Your Own Publisher with ISSUU

Like many teachers I know, I am constantly looking for new ways to switch things up in the classroom. With the increase in 1:1 technology in the classrooms, for most teachers now, this means looking for ways we can use the technology at our students’ fingertips to produce content that is high quality and full of learning (the Common Core is pushing for this too!). This sprang to mind when I stumbled upon ISUU.

ISUU, which is a digital publishing website (with a free account option) allows for users to upload a document, such as a Word document or PDF, and convert it into a virtual magazine. It also encourages for users to search through these magazines, allowing for easy embedding and sharing as well. At face value, the site seems to be geared more towards companies and bigger publishers to deliver content in a digital format, as well the casual reader who has time to fill. As a teacher, however, this website offers limitless possibilities for publication of student work. Not only can students browse through the sites literary offerings for inspiration, they can post their work for their classmates to read as well. Can you imagine how powerful it would be to, at the beginning of a research project, flip through magazines made students that were once in your shoes? I love it and think it is awesome.

Check out my new digital book, via ISSUU, below! It combines all of my tutorials, resources, and a few of my blog posts, all in one, handy location!

Virtual Resource Book


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