Socrative – Saving Time, Adding Fun

Like I mentioned in my post about GoogleForms and Flubaroo, grading assignments was never something I thoroughly enjoyed and I love anything (or anyone!) that helps me streamline and save time.  And if that thing that saves me time with grading also brings a fun dynamic to my classroom, I love it even more.  This is precisely why one of my new favorite sites is!

Socrative is a “smart student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classroom through a series of educational games and exercises via smartphones, laptops, and tablets” (  It works similarly to other classroom response systems, however, and this is the feature I love the most, it can be used with nearly any device you and your students can get a hold of.  The program can be run solely on computers or solely on mobile devices using either the Internet browser or their app.  The website’s interface is extremely intuitive to use, making it easy for any teacher to hit the ground running with implementing it in their classrooms.

Socrative has several pre-loaded activities, as well as activities that can be filled with your own quiz, test, or activity questions.  The program will grade your students’ work for you, providing you with downloadable reports that you can use to easily input grades into online grade books.  You can even turn quizzes into a “Space Race” game, where teams of students can compete together to generate the most correct quiz answers.

I hope you can take a minute to check out their site and this video – they really show just how awesome this program is!  When you are ready to get started in your own classroom, check out my step-by-step tutorial to help you get going! 


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