Flubaroo: A Teacher’s Best Friend

Grading is the worst.

Now, I think that most teachers out there would agree with me.  We got into this career in the first place because we love working with kids – not because we love taking home pile of worksheets and tests to correct each night.  As I got further into my teaching career and began a masters degree program, I began to look for ways to cut down on my grading time because, between extra-curriculars, curriculum planning, my own grad school homework, and the, ever so precious and elusive, personal/social life, I just didn’t have hours and hours to spend grading worksheet after worksheet.  I would often fantasize and talk with the other teachers about how, if I won the lottery, I would personally pay for someone to do my grading for me.  If only I new then what I know now…

A few months ago, as I was doing some prep research for a professional development workshop I was co-hosting on Google Apps for Education, I came across Flubaroo.  I was instantly hooked!  Flubaroo is a script that runs in Google Spreadsheets that will grade assignments for you.  For example, I could make a quiz using Google Forms.  The student responses to the quiz would automatically get put into a Google Spreadsheet.  I would then run the Flubaroo script, and it would instantly grade the quiz for me.

Awesome, right?

Even better, the Flubaroo script will even email students their grades, including general teacher feedback and an answer key.  The script is by far one of the most useful tricks I have found in Google Apps for Education and one that I love telling other teachers about because, who doesn’t love to save some time and have their grading done for them?!

Want to try Flubaroo for yourself?  First check out my Google Forms tutorial to make a quiz or an assignment.  Then, use my Flubaroo tutorial to guide you as to how to grade it.  Happy creating!


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