Google Forms

Create quizzes and surveys for free using Google Forms (

Create quizzes and surveys for free using Google Forms (

Have I told you lately how much I love Google?

No, really, I think their apps and Google Drive suite of Web 2.0 programs are some of the best ones out there to use with students and teachers, especially those that are a little tech-shy.  And the best part?  The entire Google Apps for Education suite is free to schools!

Let me give you an example.  In my new position, I work with teachers and their students, helping to ease the transition from traditional classrooms to 1:1 learning, something that is not always easy.  I just finished working with a P.E. teacher who wanted to make the transition from paper based work out logs for her classes to ones that were digital, but wasn’t sure what format to use.  Instantly, I thought of Google Forms.  Within a few minutes of teaching her the program, we began scheming of what we would have the students do the following week.

As it is the first year (heck, the first week!) of 1:1 learning at my school, some of the students are a bit resistant and overwhelmed with all of the new programs they are being asked to use, so I was a little unsure as to what to expect from them as I walked them through their tutorial.  I was pleasantly surprised when they jumped into the lesson, tentatively at first, and then quickly getting the hang of it and working ahead.  As we finished and they saw their finished logs, I loved hearing the excited chatter as they showed off to each other how their finished logs looked.  Check out a sample log here.

Google Forms is great for an activity like this, but also has so many  other uses in the classroom.  These forms can be used for student data collection, can be embedded in websites (works especially well with GoogleSites – post coming soon!), and can even work well as a self grading quiz or exit ticket (using Flubaroo – a post on that, coming soon as well).  I am constantly coming up with new ways to use them – what about you?

Check out my Google Forms tutorial on the Tutorials and Resources page – then tell me: what ways do you use Google Forms or what do you love about them?  Leave a comment below!


One thought on “Google Forms

  1. I love to use Google Forms for student surveys. I do one in the beginning of the year to learn more about the students and get their parents’ contact information. I also use it for formative assessment and feedback on certain lessons during the year.

    I also did one at the end of the year asking my students to evaluate my teaching and the class; what I did well, what I can work on, lessons and activities they liked/disliked, and ways the class could be better next year. It was a little scary to review the raw results at first (like, what did my students actually think of me????) but I found out a lot of good information that will make my classes and curriculum a lot better this year. Here is the survey I used at the end of last year for my Physics classes:

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